a solar revolution

In the past, energy losses were too high.
Our revolutionary development redefines the entire playing field.

PV efficiency

other PV energy collector
up to 0%
soblue Multi-NRG Panel


20% more electricity yield
Up to 65% fossil-free and sustainable heat yield

Our patented soblue technology bundles photovoltaics with solar thermal energy to create a solution that is extremely efficient, natural and environmentally friendly.
Because we care.

  PV-panel soblue Multi-NRG panel
Annual yield of electricity (per panel/2m2)* 428 kWh 510 kWh
Annual heat yield (per panel/2m2)* - 1.020 kWh
Total energy yield (per panel/2m2)* 428 kWh 1.530 kWh
CO2-saving annually (per panel/2m2)* 52 kg 314 kg
one time    
CO2-emissions manufacturing (per panel/2m2)* 840 kg 800 kg

* 35% elevation, location: Switzerland. Application in apartment buildings with medium-high heat requirements.

Imagine a world where you could meet all of your energy needs independently.
One sun. Endless energy.